Which companies hire virtual assistants

As we all know the pandemic has affected everyone’s daily lives, not just families but also many businesses. The uncertainty is something we may need to accept but, in the post-pandemic world, we have all had to adapt to a new change and many are choosing to adjust the way they work.Last year remote working from home jobs were the fourth most popular job search. One of which are virtual assistants. This proves that these roles are high in demand and the online digital future continues to take us by surprise.
Most companies need support in certain areas of their business. In most of the time, it tends to be with business efficiency, unnecessary tasks, paperwork, and other time-consuming jobs. For many virtual assistants, the role provides flexibility and control. Therefore the reason for choosing this new digital role which can benefit companies worldwide across various time zones which result in tasks being completed within required timescales. Many companies find that they hire virtual assistants to work on freelance or flexible working bases which, therefore results in high efficiency and cost-saving.
So, you may be thinking which companies hire virtual assistants. Well, these may include agencies, customer service, accounting, administration as well as any other personal and business services.

If you have an E-commerce business, you may have the systems already in place to train a virtual assistant to answer consumer queries virtually or if you require help with administration tasks these are just a few examples of how virtual assistants can help you to grow your business.

But who are the companies that hire virtual assistants- well to answer that, it can be any business that requires support? Technology has advanced in such a way that it has become easier and more efficient to use remote staff then having an office full of employees.

So, are you in a Law firm, IT, estate agent, Accounting, financial or marketing firm? If so in today’s digital age, companies are looking to offer services and solutions to customers through virtual platforms and this is where a virtual assistant can come in. They will discuss your requirements, what’s expected and agree timescales, then the VA will take over and start on the tasks that you need help with.

As an entrepreneur, the success of your business depends on your actions and decisions you take. Use your expertise to grow your business and get all the help you need for everything else. At Lifestyle Virtual Assistants we help you to take control by matching you to a virtual assistant to support you throughout your journey with us

Here are a few examples of how a virtual assistant can support your business:

Social media- as you may be aware social media has become a growth driver for all businesses. You reach millions of people worldwide however it takes to time to really build your brand and social media presence. If you feel you have no time why not hire a social media virtual assistant to save both time and money

Being active on social media and showing presence is essential in the success of your business. Promoting your brand and daily engagement is key, but the overall impact is approaching thousands of potential consumers all around the world.

Admin/Data entry- this usually is the unnecessary tasks that we put off the most, however can be the most crucial and beneficial to you and your business. This requires time and efficiency- a virtual assistant can take these tasks away from you and enables you to focus on other priorities.

CEO’s and Executives- may find that they have time consuming tasks such as diary/email management, meetings, schedules, and appointments. So instead of hiring a PA full time, a virtual assistant will only be paid for the actual number of hours worked, this may include process, organisation, diary and travel management, email triage, internet research, routine, and other admin related jobs.

Process and internet research– on average adults spend 4 hours a day on the internet/social media, does this sound like you? If so, why not hire a virtual assistant to take this time-consuming task from you.

So, to summarise any company that provides a service can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant, they will take up the large, tedious, and time-consuming tasks and can be the most effective option to meet your deadlines or assist you with your project work and all our services are strictly confidential.