We help clients improve their personal and business life.

Do you feel worried, anxious, depressed or stressed? Do you have difficulties at work or in your home life, our expert Virtual Assistants can help you achieve confidence, self esteem and positivity by tackling and supporting you with your problems.

So make time for what really matters.

Our story

Here at Lifestyle Virtual Assistants, we’re passionate about providing guidance, support, training, and advice to individuals looking to upskill and further develop their knowledge and understanding.

We offer a full spectrum of healthy lifestyle changes and solid principles to help our clients become the best versions of themselves.


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How we can help

At Lifestyle Virtual Assistants we know you have a lot of things to do , but you don’t have the time to sort it and your wellbeing is neglected. At Lifestyle Virtual Assistants you take control. So book your session today and we can help you get back on track!

Talk with your VA today.

You will be matched with a virtual assistant who will assist you with your needs and provide you with full support and guidance throughout your journey with us.

Our advisors will listen to your goals and find the best methods to help you get to where you want to be, through guidance, training, and advice.

Select the day you would like to book the session. Select the time slot that you would prefer to attend and the advisor you want to talk to.  A regular Zoom meeting will be sent to you. Any questions contact us at info@lifestylevirtualassistants.com.

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Our amazing team are experts in what they do and are here to make your life easier, so you have more time to focus on family, the important things that require your attention, and enjoying your day-to-day life more, with less stress.

Your consultation will take around ten minutes and will help you decide whether a virtual assistant is right for you. We don’t employ sales people so you will be speaking to our friendly team directly

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