Virtual Assistants in an Agile Business

Rising above the pandemic will define the 2020s. Companies need to adapt to the challenge. Only those that meet the test will survive. The Agile model allows companies to be flexible. This pliancy encourages great service and constant progress. Software dev links both Scrum and Agile. Scrum’s values can apply to any sector. This post will look at how to use virtual assistants.

Using VA’s for SEO & Content Development

My blog-post workflow is as follows:

  1. Research: Subject and keywords
  2. Writing: Write early drafts
  3. Editing
  4. Review

A skilled VA can do most of this. Experts need to develop the content strategy. The process builds in quality control and will satisfy clients. Design the company hierarchy to avoid content silos. Content Silos can be a problem. Silo here means poor content structure. Good Content strategy instils shared values throughout the company. The content strategy unites overall efforts. Great content is a team effort.

Using Virtual Assistants (VAs) for social media

Social Media is similar. Social media for branding or customer service. Experts create the social media strategy and KPIs. VA’s need social media training. They should be polite and friendly when dealing with the public. Stop social media gaffes ruining your image. A light rein is best here. Restrained social media is bland. The social media team should be free to use their initiative. This will make their social media livelier. This depends on the brand. Official outlets should be formal on social media. A brand aimed at younger people informal and friendly. Great social media is about listening as well as talking. VA’s can identify concerns amongst clients. They then notify managers. Social Media distracts people. VA’s allow you to maintain an effective social media presence. Rather than having managers occupied with social media. They should create value. Feedback from clients and leads should improve customer satisfaction. This feedback will then inform products and services. Make what your clients want. Digital Marketing uses both content and social media. It aims to create a buzz around your brand. Dull social media will harm your efforts.

Website Maintenance
One area where a Virtual assistant can assist is website repairs. WordPress is a popular website platform. It’s easy for Virtual Assistant familiar with WordPress. To work on other WordPress websites. They could update the website and make sure plug ins are up to date. Regular backups will safeguard your company against loss of data. Losing Data would be a setback once you’ve invested in website content. Removing dead links and other tweaks can keep your site in order. Nothing screams neglect like a poor cared for company website. It’s the same as dirty shop windows and sun-bleached stock offline. Visitors will take their custom elsewhere. First impressions count online as well as offline.

Identify & Resolve Website Problems
When management identifies problems, i.e. contact form spam. A trained VA with HTML/WordPress experience can upgrade the website. The website admin can add plug ins to tackle the problem. There are other anti-spam measures they can implement. Spam containing links to poor quality websites will make a poor impression. There’s the danger it might affect websites search ranking.

Graphic Design

A picture tells a thousand words. Effective social media uses graphics. A VA with the software and skills could make a real difference. Sadly, a lot of stock photography is trite. Selected photography will improve your use of images & photos. Finding great imagery can be time-consuming. This makes it perfect to delegate to a VA. A style guide with palette guidelines will ensure consistency. Typography is another area which the style guide should cover.

In Conclusion

This post has examined how to use virtual assistants (VA’s). Agile Companies design their businesses for speed and stability. VA’s will enable your company to overcome the Pandemic. Isolate staff from time sinks such as social media. It’s easy to develop a fast and able social media team. Paired with select KPIs these will allow you to monitor your social media. Keeping an eye on customer service is advisable. Detailed goals are the hallmarks of a well-designed social media strategy. Use VA’s for roles beyond admin. It’s simple to use them as part of teams such as Digital Marketing. Use of VA’s within your Digital Marketing team. VA’s allow your managers and experts to focus on what they do best. Creating value rather than time-consuming everyday tasks. Lifestyle Virtual Assistants have a range of VA’s. We will answer any queries you may have. We’ll help you select the perfect VA to meet your needs.